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Hi, my name is Tony. We at Blogger Authority are focused on one thing, the blogger. We want to help improve your blogging business (Yes, it’s a small business) through blogging courses.


We offer resources for bloggers at all skill levels. We want to help train, educate, and promote bloggers on a global scale!



What Separates a Blogger From a Pro Blogger?

Is it their herculean strength? Is it their fancy Mac laptop computer? No. The answer is their mindset. It’s that simple. It’s the thoughts in their head. A lot of times this is referred to as confidence.
I have some good news!
You can be a great blogger because that special mix is already within you! It’s my job to bring all of that out from within you. We have a learning process ahead of us that’s two fold:


  • 1. Build your confidence as a blogger.
  • 2. Teach you the technical stuff.


The only thing holding you back from being a great blogger is the way you are thinking. That’s not meant to be an insult. All professionals at the top of their game work on mindset constantly.


Our courses are designed to teach you the technical stuff and build your confidence as we go along. Now that you understand what we are going to focus on, let’s move forward!



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Blogging For Beginners

We offer Blogging For Beginners to help new bloggers that want to learn how to start and grow a blog. Most bloggers focus on the headline and this is very important, but we want to teach you how to focus on a sustainable blog business that will deliver the results you desire.


The first 4 lessons of the Blogging For Beginners course are FREE for new bloggers! This is designed for bloggers that are totally new to blogging. You can sign up for Blogging For Beginners HERE.



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Our Founding

The Blogger Authority was started by serial entrepreneur Tony Lever in the USA. Tony has a track record of success with Ecommerce, digital marketing, podcast production, online course development, and blogging. Follow Tony on Twitter: @RealTonyLever


The goal of the Blogger Authority is to train bloggers in copywriting, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship on a global scale.


Bloggers are marketers and small business owners. Most of the online resources available to bloggers focuses solely on copywriting. We want to expand this and bring business and entrepreneurship training to bloggers.


We want to help shape the landscape for bloggers, move blogging into the future, and make it possible for a single blogger to start from zero and reach their financial dreams! We believe this can be achieved by combining blogging and entrepreneurship.